Our soft play area is one of the biggest in Jersey, covering 3 floors with different apparatus and activities on each level. Also with new, fully up to date safety checks and cleaning rotas the Playzone is better than ever before.

On each level we have multiple different apparatuses for children to enjoy and play with while at different stages of physical development, all of our play items encourage the children to use their Fine & Gross motor skills while also helping develop their own concept of Constructive and Imaginative/Fantasy Play. The different activities we offer start from our swinging ropes, biff bags and snakes to our colorful bouncy balls and our superb slides which stimulate all the different muscle groups in the body.

The Playzone provides the perfect place for Active, Physical and Imaginative Play. By giving the children this opportunity they have the chance to explore, challenge and create new experiences in a safe, controlled environment. We have now introduced timed sessions of 90 minutes which helps control the amount of children in the Playzone, making it a safer and more stimulating environment.

(Height restriction 4ft 9inchs/1.45m or 9 years of age and below)

Mini Quad Bikes

Our newest addition to Fort Adventures is the Mini Quad Bikes! They can be used by children 4+ independently or with the choice of a participating adult for any child that needs a little bit of assistance. The Mini Quad Bikes run off an electric motor, with easy to steer handle bars all the child needs to do is apply pressure on the accelerator and off they go.

The many benefits of using our Mini Quad Bikes is brilliant. While mainly focusing on Fine & Gross Motor skills the bike also help the child develop a sense of speed and direction while also improving their hand-eye coordination. Having the ability to fit 4 quad bikes on the track at once means the children can share this amazing experience with their friends while at a safe controlled speed level. Play sessions last 5 minutes per turn giving the child the feeling of independence, control and fun that keeps them engaged in their activity.

We would like to invite you to try out our products at a discounted rate. We are offering schools the price of £3.50 per child for a 90-minute session in the Playzone and for 5 minutes on the Mini Quad Bikes during weekdays and term time only.

Please note : We understand that each school, nursery or club may have differing needs with the types of activities, duration and cost. If so, please call us to discuss.


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