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Our fantastic electric Mini Quads are the first of several new activities which Fort Adventures have planned for Fort Regent.

We have four mini quads on the track including White (police), Blue (Coast Guard), Yellow (Ambulance) and Red (Fire).

Easy to operate, children 4yrs and older can self drive with younger and more nervous children able to be accompanied by an adult on the quad bike. Great fun for all ages!

Open from 10am-6pm Monday to Friday and 10am-5pm Saturday and Sunday.

Mini Quads Guide

General Information

  • Tokens for the Mini Quads can be purchased at Playzone desk
  • Children to be supervised by a parent / guardian at all times
  • Mini Quads used at your own / parent / guardians risk
  • Mini Quads are designed for children 4yrs + to ride alone. Children under 4 yrs require an adult participant.
  • No Food or Drink is permitted in the Mini Quad Track area
  • All participants to wear shoes when riding Mini Quads
  • No long clothing to be worn while riding Mini Quads

To keep riders and public safe, please read the following operation rules

  • Only 1 child per Mini Quad
  • When riding the Mini Quads, please keep hands on handle bars and feet on the platforms at all times
  • Bumping into other Mini Quads is NOT permitted
  • No standing while operating Mini Quads
  • Please ride the Mini Quads in a clockwise rotation around the track Follow the arrows
  • Please be careful when walking within the track area when Mini Quads are in operation
  • Please return the Mini Quad to the pits after each ride
  • Riders will be asked to leave the area if failing to abide by these rules


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